so gaanz tolle Bands

   Rettet Kuttner!!!
   Gaaanz dumme Leute^^
   Gut um Langeweile zu bekämpfen
   Da geh ich hin^^
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Screenshot of my life

*does:bach in ordnung bringen und hanuta essen

*feels: och ganz gut wegen wtterchen und wm

*fancies: WM

*musts:sportlich sein^^

*reads: die bibel wegen reli und sowiso und den spiegel

*last watched: irgendwas von robert huth

*listens:mew und karl dall (-;

*best thing today:wetterchen

*worst thing today:hab mir mitter schüppe auffen knöchel gehauen )-:>

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scho blöd^^

An adult education teacher named Robert gave 25 students an unexpected and impromptu lesson in explosive ordinance safety during class one day.
Apparently Robert had found a 40mm shell on a hunting trip years ago. Using opaque reasoning, Robert figured the round must be inert, and kept it. Not only did he keep it, he used it as a nifty paperweight on his desk at school. Surely such a unique decoration would start many interesting conversations. Perhaps so, but more notably it made Robert a ticking time bomb for a Darwin Award.

One day, Robert spotted a bug crawling across his desk. Did he squash it with a tissue and dispose of it? Sweep it out the door and continue with his lesson? Ignore it and leae it to its happy existence? No, he did not. Instead, Robert picked up the five-inch shell and slammed it down on the unhappy insect. The impact set off the primer, and the resulting explosion caused severe burns and lacerations to his hand, and minor shrapnel wounds to his forearms and torso. No one else in the classroom was hurt.

To Robert's consolation, his actions did succeed in eliminating the bug. I considered sending Robert a can of bug spray for future use, but bug spray is flammable...

gibt scho clevere leute^^
19.5.06 17:31

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